Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who Should Be President?

The question of the right presidential candidate in the next election has loomed in the minds of many Americans. This election is one of landmark historical importance; never before have both a black man nor a woman had such momentum in their quest to attain the title commander & chief. No matter what candidate is chosen, it is clear drastic changes will accompany the installment of the new administration. In my own experience I have not encountered too many people who are fans of Hillary Clinton being our next president. Likewise, I haven't met many more who are in favor of John McCain's presidential bid. The majority of people I have spoken to are for Barack Obama as our next president. That said, I interviewed one McCain supporter who enlightened me on the reasoning behind his support for the Republican candidate. I interviewed Ben, a freshman at Santa Clara, who expressed his belief that John McCain is the only logical choice of our next leader. "He shares my political values," explained Ben, "he's fiscally conservative." Ben believes that in our current state, focusing on combatting terrorism and promoting our overall security is the prominant issue at hand. Ben explained that he dislikes Hillary because her liberal nature and past in the White House. He also doesn't favor Obama because he has "the most liberal voting record in the Senate." Clearly, liberalism is not on Ben's agenda for an appropriate leader for America. Ben added that McCain's experience both in the Senate and in Vietnam adds to his character as a leader. Summing up his views, Ben added, "I can't imagine having a good President other than McCain."

-Collier King

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