Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Profiles in Debt

Name: Beth
Major: Sustainable Globalization (a product of individual studies) and Environmental Studies
Debt: $25,000
Thoughts: "It sucks because it means I can’t do what I want. For me, wanting to make social changes doesn’t work with the capitalistic system because it’s trying to subvert that. The system creates jobs for people that continue to make it work. That’s the point of the capitalist system. That’s the point of an education in the United States -- to create workers. If you are trying to change that then there’s not a place for you. You have to create your own place. Of course there’s philanthropy, but those jobs are few and far between."

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Anonymous said...

God, this is depressing. It's true, but depressing. There has to be a way to make changes and still survive financially.