Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From New York Style Pizza To In'n Out

I interviewed our very own RYAN "DA KUTEJ" KUTEY! He's originally from New York from a small up state New York Town near Albany (I actually forgot what its called; hope u dont get angry Kutey!). I sat down with Ryan recently to talk to him about the struggle and life of living in CA, while being from out of state. I asked him what the troubles of living so far from home were. He told me that being away from home was the hardest when he missed his family because they were all the way on the east coast. That makes a lot of sense because i am from the area, and every time i want to go home i can just hop in my car and see my family. You have to be strong to do what Ryan is doing. He also added that if he wanted to go home he would be have to take a long flight home lose three hours and sleep in order to get rid of the jet lag. He essentially would lose a day. So if he went home for a weekend he would be home friday night sleep have saturday night and leave first thing sunday in order to get here for classes on on monday. On topo of that Ryan is a huge sports fan and being a New York Giants Football fan has been a struggle living so close to the bay where he is consistently harassed by the weak niners fans and the vicious passionate Raiders fans. Our interview was interrupted by a friend, but Kutey was able to explain how difficult it was to live so far from home. I think he is strong willed determine kid to be living so far away, but i also think it's an experience he is always going to carry with him . To be so far from home is a courageous act.

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