Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the ATL to SCU

My suite-mate Wandrille Gounot aka "Von" is a member of the Santa Clara class of 2010. He comes to Santa Clara from Atlanta, GA. Coming to the West Coast from the East Coast, Von has certainly had to adjust. Some of the biggest adjustments Von has had to make include his lifestyle, the food he eats, the music he listens to, and the different fashion of the West Coast . When I asked Von to elaborate on this more he said, "it was hard for people to respect my fresh". For all you West Coast people that means it was hard for people to respect Von's swag-his style and different tastes. Von also mentioned that people on the West Coast are much more laid back than on the East Coast. He said, "the East Coast is much more formal and scheduled than the West Coast. The West Coast is much more flexible and less traditional." The weather on the West Coast is much different as well. On the West Coast there is basically three seasons, while on the East Coast there are the traditional four. I can relate to these adjustments and differences because like Von, I come from the East Coast.
Von can't wait for next year as he will be living in his own apartment for the first time in his life. Von says that the increased independence will be good preparation for what it will be like in the real world after he graduates college.
-Ryan Kutey

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