Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From Arizona to SCU!

I interviewed my suite neighbor, James Spadafore, about his thoughts and feelings about being at a college away from home. James is a freshman (business major) from Phoenix, Arizona. He has enjoyed his first year here at Santa Clara University, and he feels that he has made the right college choice. Ever since his sophomore year in high school, James knew he wanted to attend SCU. One of his high school teachers was a SCU alum, therefore he informed James about how wonderful and beautiful SCU is. James then researched and even visited SCU only to find out that his teacher was not lying-- Santa Clara really is that great. James was finally able to attend Santa Clara in the fall of 2007, and his experiences have been memorable so far. James appreciates the warm California weather (with the exception of winter quarter) as well as the beautiful campus here at SCU, located in the Silicon Valley. He enjoys meeting new people, especially in his classes and around campus. James likes the small class sizes and the ability to be able to interact with his professors and establish relationships with them. He also stated that the ladies at SCU are pretty good-lookin’. During his free time, James enjoys stargazing and horseback riding. On the contrary, James misses his family and his cats. He especially misses his mom’s cooking, but he has gotten used to Benson food (Bacon chicken ranch burgers are an everyday meal for James.) He wishes he had his car on campus so he could cruise in his red convertible Stang’ around town. (However, he should probably stay away from vehicles due to the amount of speeding tickets he has received.) James will miss SCU this summer, and he is excited to return in the fall!

-Karina Grobelny

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James is so much fun