Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coast Swapping at SCU

I recently conducted an interview with an east coast transplant at Santa Clara, Ben Seidenstein. Ben hails from Greenwich in Connecticut, near New York City. Ben explained that he chose SCU for the small class sizes as well as the prestige the university has attained throughout the state of California. These reasons were important for me also, in choosing SCU for college. As a student from out of state myself, I wondered whether or not Ben shared some of my views and opinions about moving to and living in the Golden State. When I asked him about what he misses most about leaving home, Ben explained that among other things, hanging out with his high school friends and having his own car topped the list. I can attest that I really wish I had a car here as well and it is kind of tough not seeing your old buddies. Ben also mentioned missing his trips and weekends in New York City and Long Island Sound. While a student at SCU, Ben has travelled to San Francisco on multiple occasions as well as parts of Southern California and Arizona. Ben mentioned his desire to explore more of the Bay Area and California and hopes to do more of this throughout the next three years at Santa Clara. When I asked Ben about his favorite part of living on the West Coast, he told me that the weather and the laid back atmosphere was it. I asked Ben what the hardest part adjusting to California culture was for him. Aside from missing parts about home and having to put up with the word “hella,” Ben said that communicating with his friends and parents on the East Coast through the time difference has been the hardest part about living in CA. On his favorite parts about living in Santa Clara, Ben said that he really enjoys visiting Santa Cruz as well as watching the great division one sports Santa Clara offers like baseball and basketball. Ben plans to travel during the summer and is anticipating a great sophomore year when he returns.
-Collier King

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