Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Deep Thoughts on Debt

I am very grateful to have parents who support me in whatever I choose to do. They are paying for my tuition at Santa Clara University, as well as my brother's at the University of Oregon. I babysit a few times a week and make good spending money, but my parents are paying for pretty much everything. I know that after graduation I will do what I can to pay them back for the loans they have taken out.

Debt is a word I try not to use. I have an internship with Target this summer and I hope to work there after graduation. I am lucky to have a job lined up while many are suffering in these tough economic times. I didn't realize that going to a private university would cost my parents so much. After freshman year, I moved off campus to save some money. I have a slight problem with saving money, so I'm trying to work on that. I had to open a savings account and I force myself to put in $10 a week, its all about making little changes.

Right now I don't feel too worried about the future, but after reading this article about other college students and recent grads, I'm a little nervous about paying off the loans. I was planning on moving back to San Francisco to live in an apartment, but we'll see if my budget allows me to do that.

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