Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buried in Debt

Debt is awful, but I feel like everyone in college has it. Honestly though right now as a junior in college I'm not too worried about it. Most of my personal debt worries are about my credit card. it's far to easy to slide the card when I have to cash to back it up.

I'm operating under the assumption that my parents will handle my college debt which I think they will. My dad didn't go to college and my mom's parents paid for hers so they don't want me to graduate college with the burden of debt on my shoulders. I have taken out students loans at a low interest so those will have to be paid back eventually, but in this economy right now it's going to be hard to set away money to pay for loans. I guess I'm pretty lucky that my parents have offered to pay for it all because I know a few people who just graduated from Santa Clara and are buried in debt.

I think the government should help us pay for college and more than in the form of scholarships and grants. In a perfect world everyone who gets into college would get a check to help them pay for the cost of tuiton, books, housing, and all the other expenses that are part of the college experience. One of my housemates was raised in Sweden and the government there helps all their students pay for college expenses. For instance my housemates uses that money to pay for her rent. Granted, Sweden is much smaller than the U.S., but I think it could work here. I guess it's a little hopeless in this economy right?

kaitlin novell

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