Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life After College: Jobless and in Debt

As a Junior English major attending Santa Clara University where the tutition tops $45,000 each year, thinking about life after college can be pretty scary. Finding a job in a tight economy where no one is hiring, just keeps the large amount of debt that I am already in keep piling up. On top of it all, figuring out what I job I want to do, let alone the realities of actually being able to get that job is overwhelming. The nice thing about this internet age is that there are websites out there to help give job ideas for English majors. With the current state of the economy, it might be more worthwhile to volunteer for a couple years, or go on to grad school so that I will be even more qualified for jobs when they do become available in a couple years. At Santa Clara University, there are many seminars and guest speakers invited by the Career Center to help gradutating seniors figure out their best option. Colleges everywhere are doing similar things to help ease the fears of seniors in finding jobs. The resources are out there to help, we just need to take advantage of them and think outside the box. The first focus should be on finding a job, then take care of the debt later. It also helps to plan ahead. Start looking now so that you are desperately rushed in a year or so when you realize that graduation is a few weeks away and you have no idea what you are going to do.

So whether I decide to volunteer for the Peace Corp. until the economy gets better or further my education until the economy gets a little better and jobs open up, now is the time to figure that out. I think my best option now in the current economic state is to find gossip on celebrities and become the next Perez Hilton.

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