Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Part of Super Bowl Sunday

Call me out of touch, but I didn't know who was playing in the Super Bowl until Saturday afternoon. The part of the United States' biggest annual sporting event that I was really looking forward to? 

The commercials.

At 3 PM my roommates and I settled ourselves down on the couch with our homework in our laps. We munched on homemade trail mix instead of chips and guacamole and drank tea instead of soda. We turned the volume down during play and up during the commercial breaks. We gasped not at spectacular athletic feats, but at the new Transformers trailer. We laughed not at fumbled passes but at the new Jack Black and Michael Cera movie and smiled not at touchdowns but at the Pepsi commercial featuring Bob Dylan and Wil.I.Am

I was upset that the underdog didn't win, but even more upset that E*Trade produced yet another advertisement for that horrible, talking baby

Despite this, I believe that Super Bowl 43 resulted in a plethora of good commercials that I will be adding multiple "views" to on YouTube. 

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