Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life in the Downturn

Name: Guillermo Portillo
Hometown: San Jose, CA
How has the economic downturn affected you: I'm not sure exactly to what extent the economic crisis has affected me. I've asked my parents how they are doing financially, and they continue to tell me that things are rough right now, but the conversation always ends there. Our situation has never been the best, so it worries me not knowing how much the crisis is affecting us. Other than that, it hasn't had a great effect on my day-to-day life, although there is more pressure to find a job and begin saving money for the near future. I've been more conscious about how I spend money and I've had to think ahead more than I normally would. Mostly I feel that there is something hanging over my head, and it's not a good feeling to have at all.

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