Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shopping the worlds most ridiculous products at 30,000 feet in the air

I was flying home last week from a visit to my grandmother in Richmond, Virginia when my iPod died within the first forty-five minutes of the flight. Of course three rows in front of me was a screaming child and the man next to me was pounding on his laptop at maybe 300 words per second. I refused to hand over an extra $5 for a two pronged head-set to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks" so I resorted to the seat pocket infront of me where I came across the SkyMall Magazine. With over 150 pages of in-flight shopping I figured that flipping through the multitude of products would take up at least an hour of the five-hour flight. I have always had the desire to invent something however every idea that I thought of seemed too absurd. SkyMall gave me hope. Proven by the glossy pages of the colorful magazine, no invention is too ridiculous; especially when it comes to modern day convienes. Our cultures laziness has taken on new forms with some of the products I saw featured. Below are three of my favorite findings:

The Rotating Tie Rack:

Able to hold over sixty ties, this tie rack helps you find your favorite with just a touch of a button. So for you men out there with sixty ties (???!!!!!) you know longer have to struggle to find them. The idea for this product most likely came from the dry cleaners where thousands of customers clothes rotate on those giant tracks for convenience. But a personal tie rack with a light on it? Someone's buying it...

The Dog Dazer and Dog Off Deluxe:

The description for this product reads "this gadget protects you against hostile dogs whenever you might travel". Unless you are traveling to to Michael Vicks house I'm not quite sure why anyone would need this device. When I travel, hostile dogs is not high on my list of concerns. How about you?

The World Largest Crossword Puzzle:

Forty-nine square feet of crossword puzzle is far too much for any sane person to handle. Aside from having a wall to hang this on- what adult has this amount of free time?

I think the most shocking this about the SkyMall Magazine was not the products themselves but the fact that people are actually buying these things? Someone in this world actually owns the crossword puzzle. Someone is warding off violent dogs with a handheld gadget and without doubt someone is picking out a tie from a rotating hanger. Godbless America.

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