Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Food Review: The Sunstream Cafe, Part 2- Salads and Pizzas

This is part 2 of my food review series. This post covers a several of the salads and pizzas available at the new Sunstream Cafe in the SCU library. Each item is separated into two parts: the Grade I give it, and comments. My grading scale is pretty obvious, with A being outstanding and F being disgusting. Heres the review:

Pepperoni Pizza
Grade: C-
Comments: Just a plain small pepperoni pizza, nothing spectacular. This honestly may be the second worst pizza I have had in my life (The absolute worse being the horrible pizzas served in the Bronco). The only reason it stays above the D, or even F range is that compared to the abysmal SCU food I am used to, its actually on the good side.

Mixed Garden Pasta Salad
Grade: B
Comments: This pasta salad has potential. It was pretty good, but the reason I am giving it a B is that it is extremely dry at the top, because the sauce soaks at the bottom. Also, I only got 1 piece of asparagus in the whole salad.

Southwestern Chicken Caesar Salad
Grade: A+
Comments: Tastes great, possibly one of the best foods I have had at SCU, and definitely my favorite salad. Very good mix of all ingredients, has a great balanced taste. I would definitely eat this again.

Cobb Salad Shaker
Grade: A
Comments: Another great solid salad. Plenty of great ingredients that all show up evenly. Eggs, olives, and blue cheese give it a pretty unique taste. I would definitely eat this again as well.

Overall: The salads at this place are awsome. If I could recommend only one item at the Sunstream Cafe, I would go with the amazing salads. The pizzas however, are a different story. They are still better than most SCU food, but are utter garbage when compared with pizzas from any other place.

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