Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lonely Vikings Fan Celebrates Blockbuster Trade

Mid afternoon on April 22, 2008 news spread through the wires that the Minnesota Vikings had landed Kansas City Chiefs standout defensive end and franchise player Jared Allen in a trade. Being possibly the only Vikings fan at Santa Clara, this produced a large swelling of excitement that unfortunately nobody else seemed to share. I can shake off the lack of enthusiasm though, its probably just a bunch of bitter people from Los Angeles who are angry they don't have a PRO football team.

Its probably good Brett Favre retired when he did,
otherwise this would have been him next year.

Ignoring the haters though, this is one of the largest and most influential trades of the offseason. With the addition of Allen to an already dominating defensive front of the Williams duo, the Vikings look poised to not only terrorize running backs, but quarterbacks as well. Allen was the sack leader in the NFL last year with 15 1/2 sacks over 14 games. That kind of production should only increase with the other talent in the Vikings defense that he is surrounded with. Also with Allen's quarterback rushing talents, the Vikings secondary which saw so much action last year, should get a break and be more productive. Overall, this is the most pre-draft day excitement from the Vikings in some time, and should be a large topic of discussion on draft day as the Chiefs pick up 2 3rd round picks and the Vikings' first round pick at number 17. I give this trade a B+ for the Vikings, they failed to get a DE in free agency but this made up for their failure, it did come at a steep price though.

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