Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Food Review: The Sunstream Cafe, Part 1- Sandwiches

This is part 1 of my food review series. This post covers a selection of sandwiches available at the new Sunstream Cafe in the SCU library. Each sandwich is separated into two parts: the Grade I give it, and comments. My grading scale is pretty obvious, with A being outstanding and F being disgusting. Heres the review:

Grade: A
Comments: Very good. Good mix of bacon, lettuce, tomato. May have too much mayonaise for some people, but I like mayo, so its all good. Great sandwich, I would recommend it.

The Sunstream
Grade: B+
Comments: Now this is a weird little sandwich. The ingredients are bread, pesto, cheese, and tomato. It smells great, and the pesto is a great touch. It should have more tomato in it, and I found the texture a little too squishy in my opinion. Overall, good solid sandwich that is great for a change from usual SCU food. Would eat again.

The Californian
Grade: C+
Comments: Tastes alright, a bit too bland in my opinion. I didnt even notice the guacamole until halfway through my sandwich. If you enjoy very plain tasting sandwiches, go for it. I personally would rather have any other sandwich on the Sunstream cafe menu.

Overall: These sandwiches taste alright, but are way overpriced. $4.00 for a 3 inch sandwich is overkill in my opinion. I'd rather pay one more dollar at Subway and get a footlong sandwich. If you want an overpriced sandwich for a quick snack while studying, this is definitely the place to be. However, if you feel like eating a sandwich that will actually make you full, I would walk down to Subway, or even to Benson for it.

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