Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SCU Novice beat a Varsity boat, but Stanford is too much

This past weekend, early Saturday morning, both varsity boats and the first novice boat went to Redwood Shores looking for competitive races against Stanford and the nations top rank team, Cal. The Varsity boat went first, only to come up short. It seemed as though they would walk on Cal, but the valient effort of the varsity boat wasn't enough. The novice A boat and the number 2 varsity boat took on the Stanford novice. The Stanford novice are as amazing as their varsity. The Novice A boat beat the 2nd SCU varisty boat, but did lose to the Stanford novie boat. The conditions were not ideal either as the boats were catching a head-wind only making it harder to row.

-Andy Pantoja


Crete said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

Andy returns! Good to have you back.
- G. Young