Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Giants Suffer "Unexpected" Loss in Playoffs

On Sunday, the New York Giants suffered a shocking and season-ending loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles by the score of 23-11. At halftime the score was 10-8, as both offenses struggled. However, it was the Giants offense that remained stagnate in the second half and the Eagles' that stepped up. In my mind the Eagles won for three main reasons: they converted on third downs, they did not have as many mistakes, and they scored touchdowns.
Even though I consider myself to be a hardcore Giants fan here at SCU, I can honestly say that I did not feel as confident about the match-up as I would have liked. Therefore, I don't consider the upset to be that shocking. Ever since the Plaxico Burress incident, the Giants' passing game has been pretty mediocre. I definitely think they are a talented group, but none of them strike fear into the opponent's defense like Burress did, which allowed Philly to really focus on the run. I am hopeful that the Giants acquire a big time wide receiver in the offseason, so they can make another run at the Super Bowl next season.

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Who was Donovan McNabb calling on the Giants sideline?