Friday, November 7, 2008

Omaha for Obama

This is a big election for Nebraskans.

For the first time since 1964, we might have one electoral vote going to the Democratic candidate. Since Nebraska, being the crazy/great state that it is, it splits its electoral votes by congressional district, so not all 5 will go the overall winner in the state. Obama has the lead in the second congressional district, where Omaha is. This is a big deal for everyone, considering if you are a Democrat in Nebraska the feeling is you might as well just give up, all the time.

I voted absentee, hoping this may be possible. I can't wait.

Obama actually campaigned in Omaha. And that's what I love. Many other presidential candidates skip Nebraska. In fact, Clinton had never even BEEN to Nebraska until his last year in presidency. (My grandmother took me out of school to see him at the Air Force Base, it was great). But skipping places in the Midwest because 'they are Red States' perpetuates regionalism and snotty divisions in our country. And it's just plain wrong. There are many Democrats in Omaha, and now, we are proving it.

We all know Obama is going to be the next president. It inspires hope and patriotism around the country. But for us liberal Nebraskans, it also inspires the hope for local political diversity.

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