Monday, November 3, 2008

"Blog it Out"

Touching on Nicole's last blog, I just arrived in the library. Or moonbase, as I like to call it.

I'm about to transcend into the mindset of a historian, writing my introduction pages to my historical writing paper. So to warm up in the most opposite fashion, I started with a blog about college life.

One of the biggest components of college life is stress management, or so I've realized. I  just got off the phone with my best friend from American University, and she too is experiencing some major stress-filled battles. It's like, senior year should be fun? That or the scariest time of your life?

No that is exaggerating. I guess when it's May and I am unsure what I'll be doing in September is the scariest part...But really. We manage so many full-time roles. Student. Editor. Job applicant. Trying to have a personal life. I dunno.

By the way, the loose leaf coffee in the library is $2.00. Steep. Yikes. I forgot to mention one of the roles of the college student is frugal budget manager.

Uhhh...onto Soviet women.

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