Monday, June 9, 2008

Saying Goodbye

My range of emotions in the past week have been out of control. I'm graduating college in six days. I've woken up crying, I've had moments of panic, and I've had evenings of pure celebration. I'm excited, I'm sad, I'm nervous, and I'm thrilled about leaving the world of Santa Clara. Everyone seems to be handling this time in our lives differently. Change is accepted by people in a variety of ways. My one roommate has spent the past week scrap-booking, reflecting on photos from our four years and packing up the pieces of her life that has made her college room. Another roomie has chosen to go out almost every night and catch her last drinks at our favorite local watering holes. I am currently receiving daily phone calls from my dad, "eight more days"...."seven more days"...I don't want to be reminded. He called today and said my name "Marjorie McLeod McAteer" like a graduation speaker while humming "Pomp and Circumstance" . I tried on my cap and gown yesterday and while I look ridiculous it was bittersweet to see myself ready for the stage. I can't believe I made it. What an amazing experience. Its hard to believe that Saturday my career as a student here at SCU will come to an end. These four years went by in a blink but I know I will remember them all forever. Thanks for everything!


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