Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Megz & Drue!

My roommate Meghan (a.k.a. Megz) took her boyfriend, Drue, to the Delta Gamma Senior Banquet dance last Friday. Prior to their departure, Alexa, James, and I took priceless photos of the couple outside of Sobrato in front of the fountain. Then, a luxurious party bus took the couples to the Hilton Hotel in San Jose, which is where the dance took place. Megz and Drue had a wonderful time dancing the night away. Meghan was impressed with Drue's dance skills, especially since he previously told her he couldn't dance. She also said she enjoyed the music and appreciated the oldies songs that the DJ played, such as "Footloose". Megz and Drue had a truly memorable night!
-Karina Grobelny

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