Thursday, February 7, 2008

Presidental Election Time!

Have you been wondering what the great minds of college students think about the upcoming elections? Well, on one particular campus, students expressed their very different and interesting perspectives.

1. Barak Obama- Because I admire what he stands for and his values. I also think that he is a respectable person and great public speaker. ~ By Stephanie Woitte, Senior , Communication Major

2. Hillary Clinton- Beacause she is a WOMAN! ~ By Jessica Williams, Sophomore, Sociology Major

3. Barak Obama- I think he will be like the new Kennedy. He stands for what i do on a lot of issues. And because i don’t like Hillary cause she is wishy washy with her stance on issues. She needs to also grow a set, and divorce Bill . ~ By Christine Andry, Senior, Communication Major

4. Ron Paul- I support a lot of his goals and desires. For example his goals to reduce big government spending, Slow withdraw of troops in Iraq, cure some Social Security issues, and reduction of National Deficit. Also transferring some powers from national and putting more in the States hands. ~By David McCoy, Senior, Finance and Economics Major.

5. Hillary Clinton- Because she has diplomatic experience and has the ability to actually make change happen. I think she will work well with foreign leaders and bring change in a real way. Also she is probably the most likely to beat a republican. ~By Briana Daley, Senior, Political Science Major.

6. John McCain- Because I don't like Obama or Clinton, and because he has a solid Military record and agree with what he says about foreign policy. ~By Ryan Wood, Sophomore, Business Major

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Mr. Politico said...

Hey, it's great to see students with an interest in presidential politics. This could be the most important election of their lifetime.