Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

Those two words, SPRING BREAK, can only mean three things for the typical college student: sleep, sun, and alcohol (and lots of it). While I may be generalizing or stereotyping, it seemed like most students were headed south, toward the equator, and to areas where alcohol could be accessible. Nevertheless, an island-in-the-sun location was not the destination on everybody's plane ticket. For some, alcohol was not on the agenda, and neither was sun or much sleep. Whereas some may have gone home to catch up on some Zzz's, others were all about maximizing their leisure time in the most productive and beneficial way possible.

Name: Miriam Rodriguez, 2011
For your college spring break, why did you choose someplace other than a typical beach location?
Mostly I wanted to spend my spring break showing my closest friends my part of the country. Living on the east coast, I know that I could show all of my friends something different than what they are used to, considering that living in Philadelphia, I'm only two hours away from most of the historical landmarks of our country. Being able to share my life outside of college with my friends was very exciting and better than any beach location. This is also because I hardly drink; so for me, the typical spring break would not be any fun.

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